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  • Perfect binder Acoro A5 by Muller Martini, fully automated (automatic setup), Acoro A5.jpg
    two binding technologies available: Hotmelt and PUR, coupled with 20-station collator; 
  • Perfect binder Tigra by Müller-Martini, coupled with a 20-station collating unit;

  • Hard cover line including a dozen or so machines, among them are: cardboard and textile cutters, cover assembly machine, two thread sewing machines (one with automatic feeder), a series of machines to initially glue a book block, spine rounding machine, headband and bookbinder's gauze application machine, cover-with-block assembly machine and spine creasing machine;

  • Saddle Stitcher Machine MULLER MARTINI VALORE 6000 cycles/hour;

  • High speed HEIDELBERG-STAHL folding machine - B1 format;

  • High speed computerized by HORIZON - B2 format;

  • One stand-alone 12-station collating unit;

  • Two 3-knives semi-automatic cutters;

  • Two line cutters;

  • Ancillary staple sewing machines;

  • Foiling machine for cover protection.