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Books printing services

Digital or Litho printing, which one should I choose?

As we are flexible and we want to meet all the customers' requirements and expectations, we provide them with both digital and litho printing services. The standard of the products we manufacture is extremely high, hence we are proud of our great reputation on the market. One of the aspects which contribute to it is that we work with the most innovative book printing presses. Digitally printed exemplars are different from those which are made with litho techniques and for this reason you must consider what do you need exactly. In case of any doubts, were here to help you. Our experts will provide you with a professional piece of advice, as well as ready-made samples. Thanks to all this process, you will not be disappointed with the final effect.

We produce perfect case-bound books in a short-run digital printing process, which makes it possible to complete every order fast and at a low cost. Thanks to our cheap book printing services, you can buy many of them and enjoy their highest quality.

book printingOur offer is perfectly suited for self publishers, low volume print runs and back orders, to name but a few. In this way, you are able to examine the potential market before investing in massive production.

With our company, you can produce as few as just one book, in order to, for example, have an advance/review copy. Such short-run digital books printing services will reduce the risk of unwanted wastage.

Due to the sufficient stock we have, your order can be realized amazingly quickly, without any delays. What is more, you can avoid any unexpected packing or postage fees. Small stocks make it possible to work without the distributor charging for storage or print costs. This is an ideal solution in the case of specialist publications, because few copies may be printed at affordable prices. Therefore, your money can flow and the life of a book is prolonged.

booksAmong our varied offer concerning book printing, there is also a unique service allowing you to regain an old or rare text. We use scanners in this process, provided that there is no electronic copy or artwork found at the moment.

We can perform, for instance, in-house laminating, guillotining, saddle-stitching, drilling or perfect-binding. As a result, our customers can benefit from the comfort, standard, speed and competitiveness of our production. You can see presentation of our company in the following video:

Finishing and bookbinding

The comprehensive books printing services, offered by our company, can be useful both for traditional and digital techniques. What is more, we pay attention to the quality, not quantity. We respect the old traditions, hence we still perform true rounding and backing. Even if other companies told you that your order was too hard, we will accept it, namely we will provide you with throw-outs and throw-clears, folded maps, slip cases, sprinkled edges and much more.

We are specialists in printing and binding.

Books with perfect binding
  • of any height and width
  • with spine from 3 up to 40 mm - of guaranteed (measured) binding durability making it possible to abandon thread sewn sheets,
  • of Hot Melt and PUR bonding techno,
  • of any height and width,
  • with spine from 3 up to 40 mm - of guaranteed (measured) binding durability making it possible to abandon thread sewn sheets,
  • of Hot Melt and PUR bonding techno,
  • in amounts starting from several 100s up to several 10 000s copies,
  • on various paper types: volume (low weight) paper, offset (uncoated) paper, LWC paper, coated paper,
  • with selective lacquering,
  • with flaps,
  • with holographic foils on the covers,
  • with gilded covers,
  • with embossed covers,
  • with lacquered or foiled covers,
  • with sewn sheets,
  • with inserts or CD discs attached,
  • with holograms,
  • with stamp-pressed elements on the cover,
  • with individual foil wrapping capability,
  • with paper band wrapped around,
  • and so on...
Books with hard cover binding
  • cloth stiffened cover,
  • paper stiffened cover,
  • thread sewn.
  • w/flat spine,
  • w/rounded spine,
Other services
  • stitched binding
  • magazine periodicals printing
  • posters printing
  • printing of commercial printouts
  • brochures, flyers and catalogues printing

Ar - we bring paper to life

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology which allows you to expand the real-world environment with a virtual image, created thanks to a sensory input, generated by a computer. With the use if this innovation, book printing gets a new meaning, because it is possible to apply many enhancements, for example 3D effects, multimedia galleries, author's interview, films, maps, Facebook or video reviews, to mention but a few. You can see how many improvements are available in our catalogue in this video: