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EU Grants


Opolgraf SA received a grant for the implementation of the quality management system accordant with the ISO 9001:2000 standard. This project resulted with Opolgraf being awarded ISO 9001:2000 certificate in November 2005.

Quality management is of a topmost priority for our company and we do everything possible to fulfil ISO requirements and constantly improve our standards.


Opolgraf also received a grant from 2003 PHARE program for modernization of it's production scheduling. PHARE founding allowed to introduce an advanced scheduling software - Preactor FCS200 which helps to plan complex printing procedures at the company.

New software was integrated into the existing system. Currently Preactor works as a planning tool with a two-way data flow. New orders coming from Opolgraf's clients are fed into the system from one side and all completed tasks are reported from production terminals from the other. This informs which process of which order has been finished.

Our planning capability is based on the PREACTOR - very advanced production scheduling software that enables:

  • precise planning of every individual machine or human operation for each in-process production order;
  • processes rescheduling in case any disturbance occurs (for instance: machine failure or technology/material/staff problem);
  • timing simulation of any new job query in order to give a prospect customer approximate date of his job completion. 

Thanks to this solution we became even more flexible and can instantly provide our clients with information on how the production is going.