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We are proud to offer the capabilities of very sophisticated PRINTEMPO software system for remote imposition approval via an easy-to-use web browser, which completely eliminates paper blueprint approval phase. It also allows for on-line file submission, file preflighting, preflight report generation, softproofing. Without having to invest any single penny, a customer can approve on his/her computer screen the ready-to-print material for production within a couple of hours upon completion of an imposition phase. The end result being a customer saves at least 2-3 days off the entire production cycle, usually lost on sending and waiting for blueprints back-and-forth. Possible file errors introduced unintentionally over the publishing phase can be detected and eliminated.


Our planning capability is based on the PREACTOR - very advanced production scheduling software that enables:

  • precise planning of every individual machine or human operation for each in-process production order;
  • processes rescheduling in case any disturbance occurs (for instance: machine failure or technology/material/staff problem);
  • timing simulation of any new job query in order to give a prospect customer approximate date of his job completion.