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Customer service principles

Providing printing and book binding services of the highest value for money within the shortest possible time, with the guarantee of comprehensive and instant exchange of information; developing technological capabilities; striving towards the highest level of professionalism, meeting and even staying ahead of the Clients’ expectations and requirements and in result increasing the market share.

The ISO 9001:2008 quality control standard we have implemented shows we are serious about our goals. The entire team continuously works to maintain the high standard of quality control, always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of the system.

  1. We love our customers.
  2. What separates us from our competition is our customer service and excellent work quality.
  3. Each client is approached individually based on his/her needs and expectations.
  4. Each client is assigned a support specialist.
  5. We provide constant client support. A specialist is always available to help, regardless of time of day.
  6. A client can monitor the status of the assigned project.
  7. We provide requested price estimates within 24 hours .
  8. We offer precise framework cooperation agreements that specify our obligations toward the client.
  9. We provide professional advice that benefits our clients and help reduce the price of our service.
  10. We collect and carefully analyze our client feedback to improve the quality of our services.
  11. We offer special loyalty incentives.
  12. Our predominant qualities are flexibility, openness, reliability, integrity and timely information exchange.
  13. We keep our fingers tightly crossed in hopes for high sale volumes of our clients’ books.